Mini Resistance Bands

Mini resistance bands are an effective and versatile training tool for athletes of all skills and levels. Used to increase strength in the upper and lower body, the Rockholder Mini Resistance Bands are ideal for lateral movement exercises, hip and glute activation, and shoulder stabilization. The 5 mini band set offers five different levels of resistance – Xlight. light, medium, heavy and Xheavy, so you can challenge yourself and your team with every workout. Small, compact, and lightweight, they’re the perfect training tool to use practically anywhere.

Mini Resistance Bands in United Kingdom

Rockholder’s mini resistance bands are perfect for those who want to work out without going to the gym. These bands are ideal for both upper and lower body exercises and come in various resistance levels to suit your needs.

The Rockholder Mini Bands are the perfect resistance bands for your daily training and regular workouts. Made from high-quality material, these mini resistance bands will offer the desired resistance and difficulty levels that will be best suited to your physical needs and wants.

Also known as Glute Bands,  Mini resistance bands are great for exercising your muscles and tendons as they provide concentric training to specific areas and help in building up mobility and strength for your body.

Feature Of Mini Resistance Bands

  • Set Includes 5 mini bands which provide different levels of resistance to target different muscles and give yourself a total body workout
  • Create resistance when stretched to add an extra challenge to exercises, work your muscles harder, and increase your strength and mobility
  • Premium mini bands are colour-coded to easily distinguish each level of resistance and are made from natural latex for strength and elasticity
  • Lighter mini bands are perfect for stretches, recovery training, and moderate exercises while the heavier bands are great for building muscles
  • Bands are lightweight and portable with a compact carry bag included to easily use them at home, down the gym, or whenever you go away

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Our mini resistance bands will help you get the most out of your workout. These Exercise Bands are the perfect resistance bands for all your training needs. Made from only high-quality, elastic material, these workout bands offer the desired levels of difficulty and resistance for your physical needs.

Set of Mini Resistance Bands 

Make that dream butt a reality with our Mini Resistance Bands. The set includes five resistance bands which provide different levels of resistance for a versatile workout. As well as toning and strengthening your glutes and legs, they’re great for core strength and upper body exercises.

Tone & Build Your Muscles

Lighter bands offer less resistance, making them easier to stretch. As a result, they’re great for stretches, toning muscles, recovery training, and rehabilitation. Conversely, heavier bands provide greater resistance and are a top choice for building and strengthening your muscles.

Excellent Alternative to Weights

Whereas weights are big and bulky, resistance bands are lightweight and compact to easily store away. Unlike weights, you can also regulate the level of resistance by controlling how far you stretch them. Consequently, there’s far less chance of pushing your muscles to the brink.

Latex for Greater Elasticity

The resistance bands are made from natural latex for ultimate durability and elasticity when stretched. When slack, they have a diameter of 60cm (approx.). To ensure they don’t lose their elasticity, they should never be stretched to any more than three times their starting length.

Colour Coded and Clearly Labelled

Each band is a different colour and is clearly labelled with its level of resistance, enabling you to easily identify the perfect one for your desired workout. While the lighter bands are designed in softer colours, the heavier bands are designed in bolded colours to highlight their strength.

Workout Wherever You Go

Just because you’re going away, doesn’t mean you have to leave your workout behind. Not only are out mini bands super light, but they can be stored inside the handy bag included. It’s small enough to pop in a handbag or rucksack, so you can work out wherever you go.


They are also very versatile, as they can be used to train and exercise the thighs, glutes, shoulders, back and many more targeted muscle areas. Multi-functional, these mini resistance bands are ideal for warm-up exercises as they can activate the muscles. They are also perfect for rehabilitation exercises and can help in rebuilding muscle areas.


Their design is very compact and as they are extremely lightweight, they are easy to carry anywhere and everywhere, making them exceptionally convenient and practical. These resistance bands can also be used in conjunction with other exercises and can help stimulate the body’s core and main muscle areas. Mini bands are created in a wide loop circumference of 54cm and can be stretched up to 3 times their length, so they can be used in a variety of exercises.