How to do Pull ups with Resistance bands

pull up with resistance band

Pull-ups can be a challenge for even experienced fitness enthusiasts. Assisted Pull up Bands are a great way to get you started in pull-ups if you have always wanted to do them but need an easy transition into them!

What are Assisted Pull Ups with Bands?

You can really strain your back and arm muscles when performing pulling-ups regularly, even for experienced fitness enthusiasts. Pull ups are variations of classic pull-ups, and the Assisted Pull-Up is achieved by wrapping a resistance band around one end of a pull-up bar and the other end around the feet or knees. With the band at the bottom, you can get a little boost while still working your muscles.

It is always better to have a partner to help you with the pull-up training. Not being able to do a pull-up and looking for ways to get through this (not really) demanding exercise? Well, we can suggest something:

  1. Put resistance bands on your legs. Loop the bands around the bar and ensure they are secure enough so that even if you fully stretch them out, they will not slip off.
  2. The loops should be such that when you hook it (when the band is at its fullest), it reaches your kneesTake hold of the resistance bands and grip them tightly across your chest as you would normally do in a regular chin-up or pull-up exercise. Keep your feet close together throughout the exercise.
  3. Pull yourself up, so that the bands tighten and cross over your chest. If you have a partner who can assist you further in this exercise by pushing down on your thighs, it would be even better!
  4. Lower yourself back down to the starting position and repeat for the desired number of sets/repetitions.

For best results, perform this pull-up exercise with a resistance band that has a strength level close to yours or just slightly below. This way you can work towards building your muscles to be able to do a full range of motion pull-ups without any assistance from bands or from another individual.    

Note: There should be no slack left at either end of the band while pulling yourself up. This is where resistance band training comes in handy to strengthen the muscles required for fulfilled pull-up reps.

So, grab your bands now and build those biceps!

Stay fit stay strong!

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