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Carabiner Clips

Carabiners (or Karabiners) are the best way to attach any gear you need on your climb. These snap clips are used in many fields, especially climbing, where they can be attached easily and quickly without worrying about getting caught up with other loose materials or clothing while scaling walls at high altitudes. The most common material for carabiner clips is plastic though steel ones do exist as well!

What do Carabiner Clips typically work for?

Carabiner Clip

climbing carabiner is a multipurpose tool that can be used as a key chain, belt buckle, zipper pull, or even an emergency car escape tool.

This screw gate Carabiner is great for outdoor activity, camping, fishing and hiking. You can also use it to connect parts of your anchor system or hang bags with an attached hook so that they don’t drop into deep water while you’re out enjoying the day at sea!

You’ll find this handy tool helpful when rappelling down from a high place – it’s perfect because there are no knots needed, which makes things easier on yourself if something goes wrong during descent.

As a climber, you know the importance of safety. That’s why we offer climbing clips for both novices and experienced climbers to ensure that your equipment is always attached properly while out on an adventure!

We understand how important rescue carabiners can be when climbing outside to avoid accidents during rappelling or any other activity where there could happen some sort of force landing into rockfaces; this is because if one does not use rope as extensive protection against injury during descents due to falling objects, such things tend to overheat by friction unless holding onto something stable within reach.

Wanted to know the 4 amazing Carabiner Uses

Uses Of Carabiner Clip

Varieties & Styles Of Carabiner Clip Hooks

The best part about using a carabiner? They come in different shapes along with sizes ranging all over six inches long-sixteen centimetres)depending upon what exactly want them to use.

Carabiner Key Clip:

The mini carabiner clip keychain is a classic, and for a good reason. The most significant strength of this shape lies in its ability to distribute weight towards your spine when attached by means such as rappelling or belaying equipment like pulleys.

It also guards against snagging with its keylock nose design that prevents anything from getting stuck on it during use – even while wearing gloves!

Carabiner Key Clip

Size: The carabiner clip keyring size is 5.8 cm x 3.0 cm, and it’s much larger than other D-shaped keychains, making this item very strong!

Suitable: The carabiner clip small is a fantastic device for camping, hiking and travelling. It can be used as an overnight bag or hanging keychain!

The sturdy metal frame will keep all your outdoor gear safe from harm while you’re out on the road experiencing new things in life, such as fishing trips at scenic overlooks with spectacular views of nature’s beauty that may never happen again if we don’t take these moments now because someone might just ruin them by coming too close to where they belong.


You can also utilize it as a water bottle carabiner clip or dog lead with carabiner clip.

Carabiner Clip Climbing:

Made from superior durable, lightweight aircraft aluminium, this carabiner clip screw is elegant and strong. They’ll never rust or break because it’s made with good quality materials that will last you for years! The carabiner can withstand 2697 pounds of force–ultralight as well, so there isn’t any worry about your keys being insecure in their grasp when attached to these keychains.


This means less time worrying about whether they’re still on the hook after letting go off.

Size: Carabiner Safety Clip has a major axis strength of 25kN and is made from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, hot forged into shape. The locking gate opening is 0.67in, and the net weight of each carabiner clip is 2.1 Oz/pc. This stainless steel carabiner clip comes in different colours to suit your needs and will make you look fashionable wherever you go.

Carabiner Clip

Our range of carabiners will outfit your bag before every climbing trip, so head straight over and take a look at all the different options we have for you!

Use for: Breakaway cable with carabiner clip or rope with carabiner clip.

Get yourself the gear you need to kit out your bag before heading into an adventure with our selection of carabiners. We have single and multi-packs available, so browse online today for all that climbing needs!

People also ask

How much weight can a Carabiner hold?

When it comes to carabiners, they’re rated based on force, not weight. A kiloNewton (kN) rating and the side of a climbing-specific biner has survived up against 4500 lbs – about 2000kg!