What are Carabiners Used for?

carabiner uses

The more we use carabiners, the better they get at holding on to us. Carrying our gear or even just ourselves up a cliff side can be difficult without them! Carabiners have been a staple in the climbing world for over 80 years. Here are some ideas about how to utilize the many different types of carabiners.


4 Amazing Carabiner Uses


Connecting Heavy Ropes with Carabiners

The carabiner is a clever yet simple tool. You can use it to attach various ropes, wires, chains, and straps and even hang from mid-air with no fear that it will break or fail! The 9mm opening on most models makes them adaptable for just about any strap you throw at it, while their strength means they’ll last forever.


Carabiner Clip also can withstand heavy loads, with their strength varying depending on their size. For example, a ‘D’ size carabiner will be capable of holding more weight than an “O” size carabiner. This makes it easier to know how much weight you need your carabiners to hold without having to test it yourself each time before use.

The smaller D-sized carabiners usually weigh around 65-75g, while larger O-sized ones weigh 155-190g. The heavy metal alloy also makes these carabiners difficult to bend, so it is extremely unlikely to slip or break in normal use.


Carabiner Uses for Construction

Carabiners are often used in construction and engineering projects for a variety of reasons. You can bolt them on wooden posts, ladders, and walls to provide a ‘dynamic’ connection. This means that this type of carabiner does not have a hook mechanism on one end that would otherwise attach itself to any surface you want it to.


carabiner uses for construction

These types of connections are more suited to dynamic connections such as scaffolding, where you need parts of the structure to move out of the way from time to time. This movement, or rather ‘movement’, is possible because of the carabiner’s spring-like nature.

If you were to attach a chain to one end of a carabiner and connect it to scaffolding, the chain would reach over and suspend itself over an object such as a building wall while still being connected on the other side.


Carabiner Uses for Tactical Gear


Carabiners are also used in tactical gear such as vests, backpacks, and utility belts for quick fastening of accessories like flashlights, radios, knives, and guns, to name a few. Thus, carabiners are multi-purpose tools that can be used effectively in various situations, whether you need to hook it on or clip it together to get something done.


Carabiner Uses for Climbing & Mountaining


Carabiners are also used in rock climbing, mountain biking, and trail running for quick connections between gear and essential accessories.
Carabiners give these avid outdoor enthusiasts flexibility when attaching various objects without needing aids, such as heavy bags full of pegs or nails for their trekking pole tent systems that require two posts into the ground just for support. This makes it much easier to put up tents quickly outdoors, even on hard rocky surfaces.

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