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Brace Orthopaedic

Brace Orthopaedic provide strength, flexibility, and support to a person or athletes muscles and joints, which can promote recovery and even provide protection from further damage associated with sporting activities.

Additionally, support braces are also commonly used in the rehabilitation of injuries, and provide the patient, with an extra layer of protection, which also provides peace of mind to the person on their road to recovery.

Common types of Support Braces Orthopaedic include:

  • Knee Support Braces Orthopaedic
  • Elbow Support Braces Orthopaedic
  • Back Support Braces Orthopaedic

Knee Brace and Support

Relieve pain caused by misalignment of the knee, anterior knee pain. The active Knee Support Braces and corrective straps, stabilize the position of the knee cap and activates the musculature, thereby accelerating the healing process.

If your knee feels weak, is swollen, or painful, the knee support can help you. It relieves pain, stabilizes the joint, and helps to achieve faster mobilization.

Benefit Of Knee Support Braces

  • Secure kneecap guidance
  • Relieves knee pain
  • Stabilizes the knee joint

Tennis Elbow Brace

The RockHolder ™ elbow support relieves tendon pain such as tennis elbow (epicondylitis lateral) and similar muscle and tendon attachment site irritation or inflammation.

Its integral pressure cushion (pad) relieves pressure on the tendon attachments at precisely the right points. It can be worn on either the left or the right arm.

Benefit Of Tennis Elbow Brace

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • One universal size
  • Breathable material Brace Orthopaedic

Back Posture Corrector

In the event of pain in the lumbar spine (lumbar vertebral syndrome) or moderate muscle weakness. Our Back Posture Corrector align the lumbar spine and relieve the intervertebral discs.

Anatomically contoured corset stays at the rear of the orthosis support of the back while an individually adjustable compression acts upon the lumbar spine to control motion and limit pain. It is easy to adapt to individual body shapes providing the perfect fit.

Benefit Of Back Posture Corrector

  • Individually adaptable for the perfect fit
  • Dual adjustable straps on both sides for added Orthopaedic support.
  • Light, elastic, and breathable Brace Orthopaedic
  • A strong partner in combating back pain